ImpactCity is facilitating entrepreneurs and frontrunners who work on innovations for a better world, who combine ‘doing good & doing business’.

Our accelerator is set up to help impact startups grow faster.


A program designed to empower startups & scaleups

Are you an impact entrepreneur and would you like to take that next step to change the world on a global scale?

Join the ImpactCity Accelerator.

The ImpactCity Accelerator program consists of two phases. First, de-risking your proposition to ensure that you are solving the problem in the best way possible.

The second part focuses on how growth can be accelerated while combining doing good with doing business.

Meet the Startups

The ImpactCity Accelerator

Participants will work with the best coaches and mentors in the field and enter a strong network of companies, organisations, and people with a passion for impact.

In the accelerator start-ups will:

Learn proven innovation methodology from experts in the field.
Have 1:1 coaching sessions on many topics like business model design, customer development, and fundraising.
Get exposure to mentors, partners, and investors from our vast ImpactCity network,
Get free access to our innovation hub Apollo 14.
And many other perks.

It will be a hybrid program with sessions online and in The Hague.

There are 10 spots available for ambitious startups to join the main program. 

A large part of the program will be made accessible to other startups in The Hague that have not been selected for the program and want to grow their business.

Profile of impact startups to enter the accelerator

Innovation in one of the following fields:

New energy solutions making  the energy transition possible or changing the way energy is produced, managed or consumed.
Health & Wellbeing
Digital Health solutions enabling people to change their lifestyle into a more healthy one and improving their overall wellness.
Food & Agritech
Innovating the food value chain to make it a more sustainable sector, From the crop all the way to the shop.
Innovations that fight against climate change or help with climate adaptation or enable a circular economy.
Making the best use of the available water, on sea or on land, improving the lives of the many.

📍 Located in The Hague, or considering to move to The Hague.*

*If you cannot join physically in The Hague, we will consider your application on a per case basis, provided that you are committed to the ecosystem of ImpactCity. More details can be discussed during the selection process.

The program is facilitated by ImpactCity, does not require any payment from participants and is equity free.


The leading impact ecosystem

Here in The Hague in the Netherlands, we are building the leading impact ecosystem in Europe together with our partners and our startup and scale-up community.

For the ImpactCity Accelerator program, we are looking for partners and mentors to help the startups to grow.

Meet the Startups

Make the IMPACT!

The program is packed with interesting workshops and sessions and we are still adding new sessions. If you are interested in bringing the startups to the next level, by facilitating workshops or coaching the teams on a specific topic, then join us.

By joining you will be added to our ecosystem and get exposure to everybody in our network.

And that is not all! You will also help 10 startups make impact and change the world on a global scale.

When will we meet?

Get in touch!

Program Timeline

Feb 9th 2022
Applications Open

Mar 14th 2022
Applications Close

Mar 22nd - 24th 2022
Selection Week

Apr 6th 2022

Jun 29th 2022
Demo Day

About ImpactCity

ImpactCity The Hague is one of Europe's leading ecosystems for entrepreneurs who want to build a better world. The city encourages "doing good & doing business" in various ways, with practical help such as location, visibility, financing, network, good infrastructure and business advice.

The Hague's locally rooted yet strongly international network connects NGOs, knowledge institutes, established companies, governments and many young and creative entrepreneurs, all working to solve global challenges.

The ImpactCity Accelerator is meant for startups that aim to change the world and are based in The Hague or willing to relocate to The Hague.

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About Startupbootcamp

Startupbootcamp is a global family of industry-focused accelerators.

We empower Startup & Scaleup founders to rapidly grow their companies by providing direct access to an international network of the most relevant mentors, partners, and investors in their industry.

As each program focuses on an industry, we’re able to provide an unmatched level of support to the startups selected for our programs.

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ImpactCity Partners

Ernst & Young
Euclid Network
Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation
Stichting DOEN
European Venture Philantrophy Association
MKB Den Haag
Netherlands Advisory Board on Impact Investing
Unknown Group
The Hague Business Agency
The Hague Tech

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